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Love Actually wedding band

At High Row Music we spend much of our time thinking about new acts that we can create to add to our roster. Even though we spend many hours doing auditions, rehearsals, location scouting, audio recordings, video shoots etc, it’s the initial concept that’s the hardest thing to come up with. Recently we have set up a few. A Gospel choir, a Mumford type band, a new 8 piece Motown Band and a 4 piece funk & soul band.  Our most recent creation however didn’t take any thinking time at all as it was suggested by a client.

As a lover of films, I knew exactly what she was going to say when the conversation started with. “Have you seen the film Love Actually”? Why hadn’t we thought about creating a band that could perform musical surprises at the end of wedding ceremony’s? It didn’t take us long to set up a rehearsal.  Eclectic Harmony’s lead singer and the other instrumentalists that you can now see on the video were keen and our resident arranger quickly produced the sheet music. The Love Actually Band was born and we were ready for our 1st wedding. Since then we have been busy performing the Love Actually band across the country. So for we’ve been to Cheshire at Peckforton Castle, Yorkshire Wharfedale Grange . Also various churches in Lincolnshire, County Durham, Nottinghamshire and Surrey.

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