Some of our favourite venues

High Row Music: Bringing the Magic to Unforgettable Venues Across the UK High Row Music has established itself as a leading provider of live music for weddings and events, captivating audiences with their diverse repertoire and undeniable talent. But what truly sets us apart is the incredible experience that we’ve have garnered performing  at some […]

Harmonious Harmony: Matching Live Music to Your Ceremony Venue

Outdoor wedding ceremony venue

Your wedding ceremony is a symphony of emotions, and the music plays a crucial role in setting the tone. But before you get swept away by the perfect playlist, consider how your chosen venue impacts the live music experience. From soaring cathedrals to intimate marquees, each space has its own sonic personality. Let’s explore how different live music options can resonate […]

The Royal Touch: How Choral Music Adds Majesty and Meaning to Modern Weddings

The wedding bells ring out, not just for the happy couple, but for a time-honored tradition – choral music. From soaring anthems to intimate blessings, these harmonious voices elevate the occasion, adding a layer of grandeur and spiritual significance. And while every wedding is unique, a recent surge in popularity of choral music can’t be […]

How a choir brings a heightened sense emotional understanding

High Row wedding Choir

A thought occurred to me when I was listening to some music in the bath last night, and apologies, as it’s kind of a deep one. The thought that is, not the bath. For the majority of our lives, we are capable of perceiving only one thing with one sense at any one time, right? […]

Adding another string to your bow

Strings quartet

I’m not one to malign the general public. Particularly those who come to see me play. But there are very few working musicians carrying an instrument case who can say that they have not at some point been accosted by a (traditionally slightly inebriated) member of the public, be it on the streets, at a […]

Repeating the 1920’s with great music? Frankly, why not!

Frankly Jazz after a jazz gig

“Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can!”, says Jay Gatsby to Nick Carraway in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, a novel that has come to be synecdoche for the 1920s. Whilst Gatsby meant it principally as encouragement for our protagonist to reignite a relationship with his former lover, it was a quotation […]

The Covers Conundrum…

People dancing to rock music at wedding reception in Wetherby Yorkshire

‘Covers’ is a dirty word, it would be fair to say. Covers bands don’t sell-out Wembley. Covers bands are poor imitations of the original artists. Covers bands are not what musicians want to be in.   Wrong, wrong, wrong.   I could pick so many examples to counter the first statement, but my mind drifts […]

The Love Actually Surprise Band and the surprising origins..

Love Actually Band

On Sunday 25th June, 1967, the EBU (the European Broadcasting Union, for those who didn’t know. I did’t) co-ordinated Our World, the world’s first live multinational multi-satellite television production. It was two hours long, took ten months, involved over ten thousand technicians, producers and performers, and had, predictably, its fair share of mishaps. In violation […]

The Funk

Have you ever been watching some musicians, blending almost perfectly into society as normal functioning humans, until one of them pulls a face like this. Apologies to the much-memed Este Haim there. Well, what’s going on? Here at High Row pseudo-psychological research department, we reckon we’ve got the answer. It’s the funk. The word funk […]

The power of SAX


One instrument with which you might find yourself coming into contact increasingly of late is the solo saxophone. In an era dominated by electronic music, amidst educators bemoaning the lack of interest in traditional instruments, this might seem an unlikely state of affairs. But here at High Row we’re finding our solo saxophonists more and […]

Outdoor Weddings

Eclectic Harmony Gospel Choir performing at outdoor wedding

With a little bit more breathing space available after the mania of wedding season 2022, I find my self thinking back to memories of music we’ve performed, people we’ve met and the places we’ve visited over the summer. As the days shorten and the winter coats make their first appearance since spring, it’s the time […]

Live music Ideas for your best event yet!

Chromw Wedding musicians Harrogate sorrounded by bright lights face the camera in Cheshire

Whether it’s a summer corporate event, awards ceremony or Christmas shindig, finding the right live entertainment for your event can be the key to making an impression. With such a broad array of options on the table, there’s much to consider as you look to find a live party band or group that not only […]

New and Unique Acts

Love Actually wedding band

At High Row Music we spend much of our time thinking about new acts that we can create to add to our roster. Even though we spend many hours doing auditions, rehearsals, location scouting, audio recordings, video shoots etc, it’s the initial concept that’s the hardest thing to come up with. Recently we have set […]

Hiring a Professional

Professional Musician - Violin Fusion plays wedding ceremony music at Wharfedale Grange Leeds

I stole this from a wedding industry colleague of mine, the amazing Lucy Wright . It really sums up why good professional musicians charge what they do.   Hiring a professional musician …… CUSTOMER: How much will it cost for you to do a 2 hour set MUSICIAN: I’ll do this for you for £350. CUSTOMER: […]

7 Things You’ll Almost Definitely See on a Wedding Reception Dance Floor

Wedding dancing in Leeds

7 Things You’ll Almost Definitely See on a Wedding Reception Dance Floor   One measure of a successful wedding reception is how busy the dance floor is.  And that very measure is itself a “KPI” (other corporate consultant speak is available) of either the wedding DJ or wedding band’s performance, professionalism and ability to play […]

A 7 Step Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Reception

So the question has been popped, the answer was “yes” (phew!) and the ever growing list of things to sort out is being worked through.  Whether you’re trying to do it all yourself or utilising the skills of a wedding planner, relatively early on in the process you’ll start tackling the wedding reception.  Where will […]

Does a singer’s ego always match their voice?

Swing things perform at Harrogate wedding reception

You can be forgiven thinking that with a big voice comes a big ego.  After all, it takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a crowd and sing.  Many of us only really open up our vocal chords in one of three situations: – In the car, alone In the shower or […]

High Row Music back at Rudding Park Harrogate

Swing Things jazz band wedding reception music at Rudding Park Harrogate

The Swing Things finally back in action with some jazzy wedding reception music…It really was great to be back with the jazz boys at our first wedding in over 15 months on Friday. Due to the Covid restrictions there were limited numbers but there was a great atmosphere among the 30 guests who were determined […]

High Row Music Chats with Alexander Weddings & Events

Alexander Weddings tipi wedding venue in North Yorkshire

  Have you ever been a guest at a wedding and experienced deja vu?  That unmistakable sensation that the very moment you’re experiencing is identical to something you’ve experienced before.  Or perhaps you remember something funny from a wedding a few years ago but you can’t actually place which wedding it was?  Not something you’d […]

Do I need a wedding planner? An Interview with Helen Davies.

Helen Davies wedding planner helps bride with her dress before Beverley Wedding Yorkshire.

Picture a typical Sunday mid morning if you will.  You’re behind on your laundry and you finally drag yourself away from an E4 omnibus to put a wash on.  And your washing machine decides not to work.  You don’t have clothes for work tomorrow and you’ve already had the same jeans on for waaaaay longer […]

How to Avoid a First Dance Fail

Wedding First Dance with bride and groom

Some couples dread it, others relish it and dad-dancing, tipsy uncles are inspired by it.  “It” is the traditional first dance at a wedding, one of the most iconic moments at a wedding reception for the bride, groom, family and guests.  For most couples it may be the only time in their lives when potentially […]

Can your small, intimate wedding make a big, impactful noise in 2021?

Shangai at night

    Have you ever been to a large city in China?  Whilst in Shanghai a few years ago there were many “culture shocks” for a Northern European like me to deal with.  Whether it was the more obvious differences such as street signage and the significant language barrier, to the more unexpected such as […]

When something challenging in your life rears its head, do you rely on hope or faith?

Eclectic Harmony Gospel Choir

Despite globalisation shrinking our worlds over the past few decades, many of us were already more disconnected from our communities than the generations before us.  “Work, sleep, repeat” was and is a reality for a lot of us.  The hope of change and faith in a greater or more common cause can provide motivation, determination […]