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  Have you ever been a guest at a wedding and experienced deja vu?  That unmistakable sensation that the very moment you’re experiencing is identical to something you’ve experienced before.  Or perhaps you remember something funny from a wedding a few years ago but you can’t actually place which wedding it was?  Not something you’d […]

Do I need a wedding planner? An Interview with Helen Davies.

Helen Davies wedding planner helps bride with her dress before Beverley Wedding Yorkshire.

Picture a typical Sunday mid morning if you will.  You’re behind on your laundry and you finally drag yourself away from an E4 omnibus to put a wash on.  And your washing machine decides not to work.  You don’t have clothes for work tomorrow and you’ve already had the same jeans on for waaaaay longer […]

How to Avoid a First Dance Fail

Some couples dread it, others relish it and dad-dancing, tipsy uncles are inspired by it.  “It” is the traditional first dance at a wedding, one of the most iconic moments at a wedding reception for the bride, groom, family and guests.  For most couples it may be the only time in their lives when potentially […]

Can your small, intimate wedding make a big, impactful noise in 2021?

    Have you ever been to a large city in China?  Whilst in Shanghai a few years ago there were many “culture shocks” for a Northern European like me to deal with.  Whether it was the more obvious differences such as street signage and the significant language barrier, to the more unexpected such as […]

When something challenging in your life rears its head, do you rely on hope or faith?

Eclectic Harmony

Despite globalisation shrinking our worlds over the past few decades, many of us were already more disconnected from our communities than the generations before us.  “Work, sleep, repeat” was and is a reality for a lot of us.  The hope of change and faith in a greater or more common cause can provide motivation, determination […]